Jim Jones Says He'll Take A Conversation With Diddy Over $1 Million

Jim Jones Says He'll Take A Conversation With Diddy Over $1 Million

10/12/2022 12:00 AM EDT by Oumou Fofana

Jim Jones said that if it came down to $1 million in cash or having a talk with Diddy, he would go with the conversation.

The Dipset rapper took to his Instagram account and posted a red-tinted photo of the pair sitting in a studio together. "A million in cash or a convo [with] @diddy. I always take [the] convo, some things are priceless," the caption read.

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Jim Jones' comment section went crazy, as his friends and fans gave their input on his choice. “N***a u trippin' take da cash jimmy,” Gillie Da Kidd wrote.

“Diddy definitely ain’t taking no convos over money .. why should you," Instagram user Blaxi commented.

Bae_water wrote, "After you done seen a couple M's it's easy to say," while another user commented "Makes for a good caption but we know you taking that million in cash."

"One thing about a HARLEM N***A, he gon' make a BAD DECISION," said Ownit_ash___. On Twitter someone wrote "Sorry but Jim Jones tweaking. What the f**k can Diddy tell me that 1 million dollars in CASH can’t?"

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Another user wrote, "Is Diddy giving me [one] million dollars at dinner? This seems like an easy decision."

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This debate comes a few months after someone had everyone on Twitter choosing between a dinner with JAY-Z or $500,000. Even Diddy’s son King Combs revealed that he would choose dinner with the Brooklyn rapper over $500,000.

"I would say Hov. Before I dropped this song, we had a talk and that inspired me a lot," he said during an interview with Bootleg Kev to promote his single “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop." "The talk was definitely worth the money. You know how they say would you take the talk or the money? It was definitely worth it.”

"He was just saying to believe in yourself and just always follow what’s in your heart. And not what nobody else was saying just do what’s in your heart,” King Combs added.