June 2, 2022

Just In: Young Thug Denied Bond In Atlanta RICO Case

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Just In: Young Thug Denied Bond In Atlanta RICO Case

Young Thug was denied bond.

Judge Ural Glanville said he has “significant concerns about the rapper being a danger to the community and a flight risk. 11 Alive reports Thug’s trial date is set for January 9, 2023.

His hearing was today, (June 2). Prosecutors argued that Thug is the “top dog” in the alleged gang and he’s the “most dangerous” because he doesn’t have to get his “hands dirty,” and allegedly has other people doing his dirty work. In addition, they said they have “statements from YSL gang members that he ‘is dangerous, they are afraid of him, that if they cross him he will kill them and their family.”

Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, had people that don’t believe Thug is a criminal take the stand. However, the report said “prosecutors called those arguments an ‘attempt to say I can buy a bond.'”

300 ENT founder Kevin Liles reportedly tearfully took the stand. Kevin advocated for Thug and told the judge how much a good person Thug is. Kevin said,

“I’m kind of emotional because of how good this guy is.” Then Kevin put his entire reputation on the line and told the court, “I’m willing to back him personally and professionally.” He continued,

“This whole thing that people are talking about, it’s not him. The Jeffery I know, he’ll give me the clothes off his back. The Jeffery I know, I can give him my kids, and he’ll give me his kids.”

A Cleveland Avenue community organizer named Jamil Mitchell, spoke highly of Thug and said, “without him the neighborhood would be terrible – you gotta think about all the people he helped motivate… to me and I know to a lot of other people, he’s a motivator to us.”

Gunna was also denied bond, his trial date is set for Jan. 2023. We’ll keep you updated as more details become available.