August 11, 2020

Kanye West Could Face Voter Fraud Charges! 

Kanye West Could Face Voter Fraud Charges! 

Kanye West’s 2020 presidential campaign is NOT going as planned! 

His first campaign rally turned into a mental break down and now news sources report Yeezy could face an investigation for election fraud. 

News broke that Kanye’s name would be removed off of the ballot in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois after half of the signatures Kanye’s team submitted were deemed invalid. After the signatures were reviewed, it was found that 1,928 signatures out of the 3,128 were flagged as invalid. To have a name officially added to the ballot, it needs more than 2,500 signatures. Therefore, Kanye’s name will be removed August 21. 

White House correspondent and CNN political analyst, April Ryan, Tweeted that Kanye won’t be able to put his name on the New Jersey ballot as well, for faulty signatures. She also said that he could face an election-fraud investigation. It’s not clear what exactly is making the signatures invalid, but some reasons include illegible names, non-registered voters, or people providing fakes names or addresses.