King Harris Slams Social Media Users Who Say He’s Not From The Trenches

King Harris Slams Social Media Users Who Say He’s Not From The Trenches

02/07/2024 08:28 AM EST

T.I. and Tiny son, King Harris, addresses social media users who says he's not from the "trenches."

While on Instagram live, Harris reads a comment, “‘You not from the trenches.’ In which he replied, "Man, listen, some of y’all n*gg*s in the trenches hiding behind the trenches. Y’all n*gg*s is a b*tch in the trench. Like, do y’all not know it’s n*gg*s that get bullied in the trenches? So how’s the n*gg*s getting bullied in the trenches coming to tell me what I’m like? Y’all n*gg*s stop playing with me. Stop playing with me.”

“Like, all y’all n*gg*s saying y’all in the hood, y’all probably get b*tched in y’all hood. So stop playing with me. You know? Everybody in the hood ain’t gangster, everybody in the hood ain’t cut like that. N*gg*, it’s b*tch n*gg*s in the hood, too. I was raised by a n*gg* that g*td*mn, wasn’t really all the way there at the moment, you know what I’m saying? I went to school with all y’all n*gg*s, I ain’t go to no public school.”

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We previously reported that the Harris family got into it while at a Falcons game. There's no word on what started the argument, but it appears King got into a screaming match with his parents as the three of them disagreed on King's upbringing. While on Instagram live you can hear T.I. and Tiny argue with King that he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, while King begged to differ.

"You cappin’, n***a … I know you though," yelled King at one point during the argument. As Tiny attempts to deescalate the situation, King can be heard asking, "what’s wrong with y’all?" referring to his parents. "Why ya’ll doing that to me? Y’all know me, you know I stand on business. Why would you let someone play with me like that?”

Since then- King and T.I. has seemingly mended their father/son relationship.