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January 30, 2023 - L'Oréal Luchi

Lala Anthony Says Her Son Kiyan Anthony Is Against Her Having A Dating Life

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Lala Anthony Says Her Son Kiyan Anthony Is Against Her Having A Dating Life
Lala Anthony's son Kiyan doesn't play about his mama bear.
The actress was recently a guest on The Jennifer Hudson Show and the two women discussed having teenage sons. Jennifer's son (David Daniel Otunga Jr.) is 13, and Lala's son is 15. They connected when they realized both of their boys are protective of them.
Jennifer asked Lala, "How does he feel about you dating?" Lala says, "He doesn't like it. And I'm like, 'So you just want your mom to be alone forever?' He's like, 'Yeah, kind of.'" She continued,
"But anytime his friends want to go out and do something he's like, 'alright mom bye see you later I'm going here,' and I'm like, 'You just leave me in a heartbeat, but you don't want me to have anybody!'"
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Last year, Lala opened up on life after divorcing Carmelo Anthony. While a guest on Spotify's Call Her Daddy. Lala told the host, Alex Cooper, the dating pool gets younger. She said:
"Here's how it goes. This is what I'm finding; I don't understand this. I'm not saying when you get older, you want to date younger guys, but when you get older, only younger guys want to date you."
Kiyan had an incredible 2022. Syracuse, the same college his father, Carmelo Anthony, attended, sent him a basketball scholarship. Carmelo led the team to the national championship at the end of the 2002-03 season.
Kiyan's offer is for when he graduates from Christ The King High School in NY in 2025. TMZ reports Kiyan received other basketball offers from Memphis, Manhattan, George Mason, and Bryant.
After 11 years of marriage, Lala filed for divorce from Carmelo in June 2021, citing irreconcilable differences. As far as Carmelo, although he's not in the NBA, it doesn't seem like the basketball legend wants to retire. BR says he's "determined" to play again.