Lil Meech Gets Involved In 50 Cent & His Son, Marquise Jackson's Drama

Lil Meech Gets Involved In 50 Cent & His Son, Marquise Jackson's Drama

L'Oréal Luchi
10/11/2022 12:00 AM EDT

Lil Meech is chiming in after 50 Cent's son, Marquise Jackson had a problem with his child support payment.

Social media was in an uproar earlier this week after 50 Cent's eldest son, Marquise, blasted his pops for not giving him enough in child support. Marquise receives $6700 monthly, but feels it's, "not enough."

During a Instagram Live session, Marquise said, "$6700 a month in the state of New York City, you do the math. You're talking about a Forbes lister. You're talking about someone that has problems with everybody; you can't just live in any neighborhood; $ 81,000 is not a substantial amount of money."

Marquise faced criticism from online users who felt he was being ungrateful. After backlash, in a social media post, Marquise challenged his dad to spend quality time with him instead of paying the $6700.

50 Cent seemingly responded in a social media post. He didn't directly address Marquise, but online, 50 Cent shared a clip from his hit series, Power. He showed the scene when Kanan, played by 50 Cent, killed his son Shawn for betraying him. In the caption, Fif wrote, "No caption needed."

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Lil Meech responded to Marquise requesting his father spend quality time. The Shade Room reposted Lil Meech's comment, which says, "You stupid [Marquise] I'll take 5 over there myself i might even play some games with you." Take a look:

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Social media is divided. Some users think Marquise should let his dad go, while others empathize with him and hope he and 50 can mend their relationship. Other people in the comments want to know why Lil Meech is getting involved, while others mentioned he makes valid points. Reactions:

"Lil Meech is right; some people don't even get a dime from their parents. Especially at 25."

"His son needs to grow up and just let it go. If you gotta force a man to love you and they still don't want any relationship with you just let it go. You rather build with somebody that don't care about you or leave them where they stand?"

"Now he [Lil Meech] should've stayed out of that."

"This is clearly a cry out to his dad and y'all playing in his face is really gross. Some of you really have no type of compassion for anything and anyone."

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