Lil Pump Threatens Joe Bidden For Hitting Women

Lil Pump Threatens Joe Bidden For Hitting Women

Hot97 Staff
01/24/2024 01:01 PM EST

Lil Pump has called out Joe Budden for his alleged history of sexual assault and domestic violence.

“I don’t respect a guy who f**king hits women," the "Gucci Gang" hitmaker said during an Instagram Live session on Tuesday (Jan. 23). "F**k Joe Budden ’cause you literally harass women,” he began. “Why the fuck is you harassing women, h**-a** n**ga?! Your a** should burn in hell, cuz. I’m ready to crash out about this shit."

Lil Pump continued, “Don’t hit women, don’t harass women. What the f**k is wrong with you? Go hit a guy. Come at me, n**ga. Let’s go. Let’s crash out together. What you wanna do?”

"Your only song was ‘Pump It Up.' Lil weirda** jit. I’ll slap the f**k out of you and your balda** head. F**k wrong with you, jit?” he added. “And guess what? I’m flying to New York next week, n**ga. We can crash out,” he added, indicating he’s serious about his threat." Check out the clip below.

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