Lil Uzi Shows Off Six New Face Piercings + Rocks Bone Straight Hair

Lil Uzi Shows Off Six New Face Piercings + Rocks Bone Straight Hair

Hot97 Staff
01/24/2023 12:00 AM EST

Lil Uzi is completely switching it up.

The rapper took to the internet to show off his new face piercings. It's no secret that the rapper is tatted up, and has many piercings on his face. The artist responsible for Uzi's piercings shared a video of him getting a few more additions added to his face last week. "6 MORE dermals all at once? we did that! HUGE thx 2 uzi [golden cup emoji]," she writes.

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Following the new piercings, Uzi shared a selfie online, but people couldn't help but to focus on something else. It's apparent that Uzi is rocking some sort of perm or a silk press as his hair underneath the hat he was wearing is bone straight.

"Bro tryna look like American Idol Adam Lambert," one Twitter user joked. "i hope JT steal this wig and burn it.." joked another one.

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Speaking of Uzi- Drake let the world know how much he means to him during his epic 2-night show at the legendary Apollo Theater. "This is a family show. Make some noise for my actual, real-life brother," Drake told the crowd. "He goes by the name of Lil Uzi Vert. I love this guy so much."

"Anytime I feel down or whatever it is, I always get a message from him checking in. Never asking for nothing, just checking," he continued. "So I wanna let you know, if you ever wanna do well and go far in life, you gotta check on your people."

"I'm so excited to exist at the same time as you, how experimental you get, how genius you are," Drake expresses. Watch below.

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