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November 01, 2022 - L'Oréal Luchi

Miami Plastic Surgeon Wants 50 Cent's Penis Lawsuit Thrown Out, 50 Says, NO!

HOT News
Miami Plastic Surgeon Wants 50 Cent's Penis Lawsuit Thrown Out, 50 Says, NO!
50 Cent is NOT backing down from one of his latest lawsuits.
The Queens rapper filed a lawsuit against a Miami surgeon, Angela Kogan, and her company, Perfection Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa. 50 accuses her of taking a picture with him and using the photo to falsely imply he got a penis enhancement surgery and to promote her business. Last week, Kogan filed a motion to have the judge dismiss the case.
In the latest update, 50 wants a judge not to dismiss the case. In addition, Fif wants the judge to make Kogan "prove that he gave her express, written consent to use his image to promote her businesses." All Hip Hop reports, 50 says he would have never taken the photo if he knew she would use it to promote penile enhancement. 50's lawyer also says the situation "exposed Jackson [50 Cent] to ridicule, caused substantial damage to his professional and personal reputation, and violated his right to control his name and image.”
Kogan's lawyer says 50 Cent was a client and "in exchange" for her service, he "agreed" 'to take the picture. Angela's lawyer also says, his client, never "stated or implied that Plaintiff received plastic surgery services or penile enhancement surgery."
On the flip side, 50 Cent's attorney said, "Jackson [50 Cent] never had such a sexual enhancement procedure, he has never received plastic surgery from defendants, and he never consented to the commercialization and publication of the Photo."
50 Cent is "seeking millions" from the lawsuit and wants Angela to be banned from using the photo.
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