Kanye: I'M SORRY for Racist Rant, THE GAME trolls 50 CENT

Kanye: I'M SORRY for Racist Rant, THE GAME trolls 50 CENT

L'Oréal Luchi
10/23/2022 12:00 AM EDT

The Wrap Up with L’Orèal Luchi, keeping you informed on everything that happened in hip hop culture this week:

The Game:

The Game trolls 50 Cent for his estranged relationship with his eldest son, Marquise Jackson. The west coast rapper channeled Suge Knight with a meme of The Game and his son. The Game's antics come a week after Marquise called the $6700 child support payments he received from 50 Cent "inadequate." Fif made a comedy video and asked why is he still worried about child support; Marquise says he just wants his dad.


Is Cam'Ron trying to shoot his shot with Nia Long? In a social media post, the Harlem rapper says he and Nia are "destined" to achieve greatness as a couple. Cam'Ron shared the letter he sent to Nia in her DM's amid Nia's fiancé, Ime Ukoda, getting caught in a big cheating scandal that got him suspended from his Celtics head coach position. According to Cam, he's the "BEST MAN", for Nia, who has yet to respond.

Nicki Minaj:

Nicki Minaj's battle with the Grammys is far from over. Earlier this week, the Queen voiced her frustrations with them after they announced: "Super Freaky Girl" was being moved from the Grammy's rap category to the pop category. Nicki feels theres a hidden motive. Nicki was even more frustrated because songs similar to "Super Freaky Girl," like Latto's "Big Energy" remain in the rap category.

Kanye West:

During an unaired episode of Drink Champs, Kanye West made false claims that George Floyd died of Fentanyl. NORE caught major heat for giving Kanye a platform, primarily after LeBron James didn't air an episode of his show, The Shop featuring Kanye West because Ye spewed hate speech. NORE admitted he was wrong but also believed in free speech. Kanye sat with Piers Morgan and revealed his recent comments were racist and hurtful, and he apologized.

Creed 3:

Creed 3 is underway! For the first time, Micheal B. Jordan will star and direct the film. Speaking on his directorial debut, he said after 20 years of being on sets, he felt like he'd finally got to a place in his career where he wanted to tell the story himself – and not just "execute somebody else's vision." Ryan Coogler, who directed the first installment of Creed, pushed him to direct. Creed 3 will be released on March 3.