June 26, 2020

NoName Deletes Tweet About Beyoncé Following Backlash

NoName Deletes Tweet About Beyoncé Following Backlash

The Beyhive was not here for a tweet in which rapper NoName mentioned Beyoncé.

NoName tweeted, “I wish Angela got the love Beyonce gets,” referring to American political activist and philosopher, Angela Yvonne Davis.

NoName continued, “It’s cool seeing all the Angela Davis threads denouncing the need for idol worship and highlighting how celebrity is a capitalist project which Dr. Davis is fundamentally against. big facts. I still wish the world stopped and listened when she spoke the way it does for others.”

Now, it seems like the tweets were harmless, yet, after receiving tons of backlash from Queen Bey fans- NoName deleted her tweets and haven’t been active on Twitter since.

Fans have mixed reactions to the tweet. Take a look.