Offset Responds To J. Prince Saying He 'Wasn't With Takeoff' When He Was Alive

Offset Responds To J. Prince Saying He 'Wasn't With Takeoff' When He Was Alive

Hot97 Staff
02/06/2023 12:00 AM EST

J. Prince joined Gillie and Wallo's 'Million Dollaz Worth of Game' podcast and had some choice words for Offset.

“Aint nothing changed with my love for Quavo,” he begins. “But the Offset dude...nig*as be throwing rocks and hiding they hand, and I don’t like them kind of individuals. "

He contiuned, "In reality, the truth of the matter is, n*ggas you wasn’t really right there with Takeoff when he was alive. So, for you to be taking these positions you taking...I got people everywhere so I hear all kinds of things."

J Prince then sent a "warning" to Offset. “Don’t ever put me in a position where I have to defend myself,” he stated. “That wouldn’t be healthy for you.”

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Offset responded to J. Prince's comments via Instagram. He explains, “y'all n*ggas speaking on my real brother,” he began. “How dare one of y’all n*ggas even speak on me and Take relationship I don’t know you n*ggas from a can of paint. Ya’ll n*ggas don’t know how me and my brother rock.”

The rapper also pointed out J. Prince speaking on the late Takeoff in multiple interviews. “you aint think about their momma?” he questioned, before adding, “we ain’t said nothing. Ain’t nobody said nothing but you n*gga.”

“If you hear something from me.. you'll hear it from me" Offset declares. "Call my phone, we’ll have a conversation.."

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