Plastic Surgeon That 50 Cent Sued Over Penis Enhancement Claims, Wants Case Thrown Out

Plastic Surgeon That 50 Cent Sued Over Penis Enhancement Claims, Wants Case Thrown Out

Hot97 Staff
10/16/2022 12:00 AM EDT

A Miami plastic surgeon, sued by 50 Cent, wants a judge to toss the case.

All Hip Hop reports, the surgeon, Angela Kogan, and her company, Perfection Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa filed a "Motion to Dismiss" the case, asking Queens rapper 50 Cent to drop the lawsuit.

She took a picture with him and 50 claims she used the Photo to suggest he had filed a lawsuit against a woman named penile enhancement surgery. In the latest court documents, it says:

"It is clear from the Photo itself that the taking thereof was not a random happenstance or unsolicited occasion. The content of the Photo shows [50 Cent] in [Kogan's'] office, next to [Kogan] in her role as a businesswoman/aesthetician (i.e. in professional attire)." It continues,

"Thus, it is disingenuous.. to claim or allege that [50 Cent] – who wishes for the Court to believe randomly stumbled into a medspa without purpose or specific intent – agreed to take the Photo under the 'sole impression that [Kogan] was a fan seeking the photograph for her private and personal enjoyment.'"

The Photo is not representative of [50 Cent] running into a random fan in the middle of the street; rather, it specifically highlights [50 Cent] in a specific situation, for a specific purpose, in exchange of a specific transaction."

Angela's lawyer says 50 Cent was a client and "in exchange" for her service, he "agreed" 'to take the picture. Angela's lawyer also says, his client, never "stated or implied that Plaintiff received plastic surgery services or penile enhancement surgery."

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Billboard reports 50 Cent's attorney said, "Jackson never had such a sexual enhancement procedure, he has never received plastic surgery from defendants, and he never consented to the commercialization and publication of the Photo."

50 Cent is "seeking millions" from the lawsuit and wants Angela to be banned from using the Photo.