December 23, 2021

Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue Sentenced To 20-Months For Conspiracy To Commit Fraud + He Speaks Out

Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue Sentenced To 20-Months For Conspiracy To Commit Fraud + He Speaks Out

Baby Blue is facing the consequences of his actions.

The founding member of the popular R&B group, Pretty Ricky, is sentenced to 20-months behind bars for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. In addition, he was ordered to pay over $2 million in forfeiture and restitution. 

Last year, he was arrested over charges stemming from a COVID-19 scam. In May, he pled guilty and admitted to using falsified documents and false information to obtain a PPP loan of $426,717. He also received another check for $708,065 by using falsified documents and inaccurate information. He claimed the loans would be used for LLC and Blue Star Records LLC.  

All Hip Hop points out, according to the Justice System, Baby Blue also confessed he used the funds to live the lavish life, making extravagant purchases, like a Ferrari (which was seized when he was arrested). 

Two of Baby Blue’s associates, James R. State and Phillip J. Augustin, pleaded guilty last week to “masterminding a nationwide PPP scam.” Baby Blue reportedly paid them more than $250,000 for assisting him with the loan applications.  

Via Twitter, the “Grind With Me” artist said he’s “at peace.” He Tweeted, “I awoke today truly GRATEFUL!Forever remaining humble because I know the ramifications could have been more severe. Gratitude this morning allows me to be happy despite the sadness that consumes me. I’m at peace although contrite and intend to make atonement for my actions.“ Take a look:

A few months ago, Vlad TV spoke with Baby Blue, who said he’s “not tripping” over the charges. Baby Blue said, “I ain’t tripping. When I get out, Ima be ripped up like Gucci Mane! And I’ma be one of the hottest rappers in the world!.” He continued,

“Thankful to be Alive! All glory to God! [I] love my fans, family, and friends for sticking with a nigga through everything! All them prayers saved my life!” He ended the message by saying he will miss his family. “Only thing ima miss is time away from my kids. I just had a baby boy this year.” 

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