May 3, 2021

Quando Rondo + Crew Shot At In Georgia, One Man Injured 

Quando Rondo + Crew Shot At In Georgia, One Man Injured 

Quando Rondo and his crew were caught in a “hail of gunfire.”

As reported on TMZ, the situation happened at a convenience store in Georgia. The store was about 10 minutes from where Quando performed on Saturday (May 1). Cops say Quando and his crew were making a quick stop at 3:20 am on Sunday (May 2). Shots were fired shortly after they arrived. Authorities believe the gunshots came from across the road. 

The article says bullets didn’t strike Quando, but his friend got wounded in his hand and got treated at a local hospital. Quando wasn’t at the scene when cops arrived. The motive is unclear. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops. The GA FBI is investigating the case.

Police believe Quando Rondo’s crew was involved in the tragic shooting that took King Von’s life last November. The person police believe allegedly killed King Von is, Timothy Leeks, 22, of Savannah. Last year, he was arrested and named a suspect in connection but was released from jail on a $100K bond earlier this year.

King Von was fatally shot on November 6. Six people in total were shot that night; three, including Von, passed away. The case is still ongoing. For now, check out one of King Von’s last collabs before he was killed. He worked with our own Funk Flex on “Lurkin.”