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October 14, 2022

Remy Ma Announces MatchUps For 'Chrome 23' Battle Rap Tournament

HOT News
Remy Ma Announces MatchUps For 'Chrome 23' Battle Rap Tournament
Sunday October 30th, it's going down.
Last year, Remy Ma launched Chrome 23, a female battle rap league. The rap league had it's first event, "Queens Get the Money", back in February which was live-streamed here on HOT 97. Following the success of that event, Remy Ma is launching a new battle rap competition, The Tournament. On October 10th, Remy took to Instagram to announce the line up for upcoming battle. The ladies will be competing for $25,000 cash on Sunday October 30th.
QB vs. Chayna Ashley
C3 vs. 40 BARRS
Chetta vs. E. Hart
Ms. Miami vs. Hazzy
C-Bri The Lyricist vs. Shiest Raw
Bonnie Godiva vs. Kay Prophet
Cheyraq vs. Kausion
Yoshi G vs. Koko Kakez
The tournament will consist of 16 female contestants from the battle rap community. Remy Ma explained more about the cadence of the tournament on IG Live.“It’ll be three rounds. Every round is 90 seconds. So that’s a minute and a half with a max of 2 minutes.”
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In regards to the matchups, Remy pulled each participant’s name from a drum one by one to randomly decide the matchups for each opening round.
Watch Remy Ma’s Instagram announcement and Instagram Live moment below.
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