January 21, 2022

Roommate Stabbed To Death For Taking Too Long In The Bathroom

Roommate Stabbed To Death For Taking Too Long In The Bathroom

A man’s life was taken away at the hands of his roommate for taking too long in the bathroom.

NYDN reports a Staten Island man, Justin Gaston, 37, was stabbed to death by his new roommate, Raiquan Becheam. According to the police, Becheam attempted to make the murder scene look like suicide. When the authorities arrived, Gaston was naked from the waist down in the bathtub, with a stab wound to his sternum and a knife in his hand, according to the report. 

Becheam confessed to the killing. He also admitted to propping the body in the bathtub to make it look like a suicide. He and Gaston lived together only for a few weeks, and it was reportedly used as a temporary shelter for the homeless. The news outlet reports a source close to the situation said, 

“They were particularly arguing over time Gaston spent in the bathroom,” adding Becheam placed the corpse in the tub after the fatal stabbing in another room in their small apartment.”

Becheam was arrested and charged with murder and weapons possession. On Nov. 19, Becheam was arrested for punching and kicking someone he knew in Brooklyn, court records show. A judge ordered him to be released without bail the next day.