Russell Simmons Sends A Message 'I Listen' [PHOTO]

Russell Simmons Sends A Message 'I Listen' [PHOTO]

Hot97 Staff
02/22/2018 12:00 AM EST
(Photo Credit: Amy Graves/Getty Images)

Russell Simmons finally speaks out.

The mogul has been quiet ever ever since brand new allegations of sexual abuse and rape. Recent reports have said he was in Bali where he is reflecting and meditating.

He confirmed the news with an Instagram post.

“I’m in Bali writing, meditating at holy sites and practicing asanas. Letting everyone speak, while I listen.”

Simmons has had about 12 women step forward accusing him of various forms of sexual assault and rape from the early 1980’s to as recent as 2016, claims that has denied.

Take a look at his full message below.

View post on Instagram
View post on Instagram