March 13, 2021

Say Her Name: Remembering Breonna Taylor One Year Later

Say Her Name: Remembering Breonna Taylor One Year Later

On March 13th, 2020, the world would know the name Breonna Taylor because she was unlawfully gunned down in her home as slept by Louisville police. 

Exactly one year later, there is still an outcry for justice, protests for police reforms, the realization of how difficult it is to hold police accountable for their wrongdoings and violent acts. 

The killing of Taylor occurred when officers conducted a botched narcotics raid on a no-knock warrant and forced themselves into her apartment. However, Taylor was not a suspect in the raid and the original suspect that police were searching for was not in her home. 

Since her unjust killing, the police officers who shot 32 rounds in the house did not face any criminal charges over Taylor’s killing. Three of the officers who were connected to the raid have been fired from the force. 

Back in September, the city of Louisville announced a $12 million settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit that was filed by Taylor’s family. This settlement also had some police reforms within it. 

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer spoke about the settlement. “Her death has ignited a movement in Louisville and the nation for racial justice, sending thousands into our streets and cities all across the country and the world all crying out for justice for Breonna.” 

The City has also banned no-knock warrants, but the fight for justice continues. City advocates and many demonstrators are calling out the lack of criminal charges and are fighting for broader criminal justice reform. 

As reported by WFPL, demonstrators and activists plan to gather together in downtown Louisville on Saturday to remember Breonna Taylor on the one-year anniversary of her death. They are also calling for “Breonna’s Law” to be passed which will ban no-knock warrants statewide. 

Attica Scott, Louisville Democratic Representative, a primary sponsor of Breonna’s Law said that they will consider proposed amendments that would bring other bills into alignment. She also revealed that she had written a letter to the new Attorney General Merrick Garland asking him to fully investigate Taylor’s killing. 

“Justice has not been served. Folks on the front line have been very clear that they’re continuing to call for all of the officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s murder to be fired, arrested, and charged for her murder. They have not wavered from those demands.” 

For Taylor’s family, the pain is still new. Her sister, Ju’Niyah Palmer would write on Instagram that her heart was heavy. 

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Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer has filed complaints with the police department against the six officers who were involved in the investigation and the raid. Palmer spoke out about the lack of accountability in the case. 

“I Can’t believe it’s a year later and we’re still just asking people to do the right thing. Not to say all officers are bad, but there’s no accountability.” 

No criminal charges have been bought against the cops who were involved in Taylor’s death. 

We recently reported that the charges that were brought up against Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker have been permanently dropped.

We will continue to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. May she continue to rest in eternal peace.