Snoop Dogg Admits He Fainted When He Met Pam Grier

Snoop Dogg Admits He Fainted When He Met Pam Grier

Hot97 Staff
01/30/2024 01:11 PM EST
During a recent appearance on "The Jennifer Hudson Show," Snoop Dogg revealed that he fainted when he met actress Pam Grier. 
“We was doing a movie, Bones, right? And this is young Snoop. I’m young at the time, right?They tell me I got the role with Pam Grier. So, I’m like, ‘Oh alright, I got Pam Grier, that’s a…’" the Long Beach rapper said.

“Catch the flight from Frisco to Vancouver. So, when I get to Frisco I’m sitting down and Pam Grier walk up and just sit right next to me and started talking to me," he continued. “My heart was beating fast, Jen. Jen, my heart was beating fast (da, da, da, da). So, I’m like, ‘I hear what you’re saying, Pam. Give me a minute.’ I go to the bathroom and faint.

Snoop added, “I fainted. I’m laying on the ground. My security come in they like ‘Get off this nasty floor, man. What is you doing?’ I’m like, I looked up I said, ‘Cuz, I just met Pam Grier.'” Check out the clip below.

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