April 30, 2021

Social Media Dragged Mendeecees For Saying He Doesn’t Know If He’d Stay w/ Yandy If She Was In Prison

Social Media Dragged Mendeecees For Saying He Doesn’t Know If He’d Stay w/ Yandy If She Was In Prison

This is interesting.

Mendeecees revealed he doesn’t know if he’d be able to stay with Yandy Smith if she went to prison.

He made the comment on a recent episode of Couple’s Retreat. During the show, the couple was asked if they have insecurities in their relationship. Mendeeces said no, but Yandy said she felt she was in prison when he was locked up. Reported on Madame Noire, during their exchange, Mendeeces felt Yandy didn’t reach out to him enough while he was behind bars while she says they spoke on the phone every day. Take a look:

Mendeecees: But you ain’t email for two months.

Yandy: Yeah, but that’s because I was talking to you every day.

Mendeecees: No, you weren’t. Don’t do that.

Yandy: Every single day. Three times a day.

Mendeecees: You’re lying. You don’t even get that many minutes.

Yandy: I spoke to you every day.

Mendeecees: No, you did not. Not every day.

Yandy: Every single day. And if I didn’t talk to you, it was a problem, and then it would be, ‘You know you don’t have to do this.’

Yandy said during the four years he was locked away; she held everything down, taking care of the kids and running a business. She expressed that Mendeeces told her in the past how he felt about the communication when he was away. Yandy addressed it and said, “Do you understand what my life is like? I’m raising two babies. I’m running five companies. But you want to talk about emails and calls. Talk about how these bills are going to get paid. I don’t have time to be sending emails and letters.”

Then Mendeecees said, now that he’s free, Yandy blows his phone up. He wants to be treated the same, in jail or out. Then Yandy asked if the roles were reversed, would he hold her down? Mendeecees said, “If the shoes were on the other foot, I don’t know what I would be able to do.”

Yandy began crying, and online critics chimed in. Take a look at what Black Twitter had to say:

In 2015 Mendeecees was sentenced to serve eight years in federal prison for drug trafficking charges. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine in New York. He began his sentence in January of 2016 and was released in 2020.