July 14, 2021

T Pain Has A Meltdown On Twitch & Goes Off On New Rappers Sounding The Same!

T Pain Has A Meltdown On Twitch & Goes Off On New Rappers Sounding The Same!

T Pain is letting the world know how he feels about some of the new rappers.

Earlier this week, T Pain let off some steam on Twitch after receiving a music submission. The “godfather of auto-tune” said, 

“You know when your shit sounds like somebody else’s shit. You’re making it because you’re in the studio like, ‘What’s the number one record now? We need to make another one of those.'” Then in a more serious tone, he went on to say,

“Stop doing that! Stop! You’re not original! Give me some original sh*t! Are you seriously telling me that you sat here watch me tell a b*tch to eat a d***, and you thought that wasn’t original?” He continued,

“Are you seriously sitting here telling me ‘eat a d***’ is the bad part of music? Stop!! Just f***inf do something else! God damn it! Do some different music!” Then T Pain mentioned if there’s an artist already doing what you’re trying to do, switch it up. He said, 

“You don’t have to [make] that music anymore. We have Lil Baby, we DaBaby, we have Lil Uzi Vert, we have Lil Yachty, we have Lil everybody. Do something else! Holy sh*t! Stop sending me this bullsh*t and then get mad when I fuckin’ don’t like it. Jesus, god damn, tap-dancing Christ! Do something else!” Then T-Pain was able to tone it down. He said, 

“All you have to do is f*** b*tches and get money. … But why would you copy somebody else’s music and then get mad at me when I say, ‘We have that. Don’t do that. We got it.'” Take a look: