April 29, 2021

Tommy ‘Deebo’ Lister Cause Of Death Revealed

Tommy ‘Deebo’ Lister Cause Of Death Revealed

Tommy “Tiny” Lister passed away in December of 2020.

It has been reported that the actor was found unconscious in his apartment and was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at the age of 62.  According to Variety Magazine, Lister’s manager, Cindy Cowan, said he was showing symptoms of COVID-19 in recent days and was working on a film, but had to stop shooting after feeling sick.

Lister’s autopsy reportedly reveals that the actor passed away from hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease better known as heart disease. It was confirmed that Lister did have covid-19 but that did not cause he death. He was also found to have fluid in his chest as well as high blood pressure, poor circulation in his legs and coronary artery disease.

Lister was best known for his role as Deebo, in the “Friday” movies. May he continue to rest peacefully.