New Music
January 21, 2021

Wale Surprises Fans With New Song ‘Good Vibes (Za)’

New Music
Wale Surprises Fans With New Song ‘Good Vibes (Za)’
Wale is back with some new music!
Without giving fans any notice or promotion, he dropped “Good Vibes (Za).”
The song is produced by King Midas and on the track,
reflects on the current state of the political and social climate in
. The track is raw and Wale expresses his sadness and lack of hope in the United States justice system.
Notable lyrics:
“And I’m so tired, all I need is good vibes/Shit ain’t right on this side/All my n***as dying and the president be lying.”
Take a listen to the track, let us know what your favorite line is!
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