June 26, 2018

What? Childish Gambino Accused of Stealing ‘This is America’ [VIDEO]

What? Childish Gambino Accused of Stealing ‘This is America’ [VIDEO]
Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/VMN18   – Getty Images


This weekend at the BET Awards Childish Gambino for his work done on the groundbreaking song “This is America”, remarking it as very impactful and urging people to “Stay Woke”. Although the song has received much praise, after Jamie Foxx commemorated the artist, many people who watched the awards ceremony began to realize that the content and beat of the song sounded familiar. The people took to Instagram and Reddit to analyze the parts of Childish Gambino’s song and the song “American Pharoah” by a New York Rapper, Jase Harley.


Those who took to Instagram and Reddit claim that Harley’s song has a very similar beat to Gambino’s and the lyrics also resemble the same topics about being a minority in America and the treatment of citizens in the song as well. 


As of now, Childish Gambino’s team has denied that they stole the song and ideas backed behind the lyrics. A member of Gambino’s team, Fam Rothstein, went to twitter to express how he felt about the allegations, it read: “the Internet is a place of no consequences. I hate that Toronto Akademiks/every white blogger can say something as gospel and y’all take it. this song is 3 yrs old, and we have pro tools files to prove it. but f**k you and your moms, and your future fetuses. stay blessed.”


Take a listen below: