March 11, 2021

Women of Color Worldwide Presents: Cultural Appreciation vs. Appropriation

Women of Color Worldwide Presents: Cultural Appreciation vs. Appropriation

Happy Women’s History Month!!

This month, we will be celebrating women in a variety of ways. One of those ways is to help highlight important conversations Black and Brown women have daily that impact our communities socially, and economically.

The conversation continues with the Women of Color FashTech Brunch event series curated and produced by Fayetteville Road. The Black-owned consulting agency continues to bring women of color together to create a conversation in the worlds of fashion, beauty, tech, and other creative spaces.

Hosted by Black Girl Podcast’s Alyshia Pamphile, episode 2 includes the  stories of celebrity makeup artist and brand founder AJ Crimson, Director of Ad Studios at Prose, Essence Gant, fashion icon Misa Hylton, Samantha Garvey of S.Garvey, Branded Execution Specialist of R29 Unbothered, Sandy Pierre, and founder of Spraise, Dominique Boseman who focus on the important conversation of cultural appropriation in the workplace, and within companies, and how it has affected them in their respective careers.

The group also discussed the difference between cultural appreciation and simply appropriation to pander to a specific audience a company may be targeting.

The ambitious and groundbreaking Fayetteville Road duo plans to host the Women of Color FashTech Brunch semi-annually for the foreseeable future, with hopes to continue to unite women of color in fashion, beauty, tech and other creative spaces.

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