Lil Tecca Drops GEMS On How To Make It In The Industry

Lil Tecca
Photo credit – Hot 97

Lil Tecca joins TT Torrez and DJ Bobby Trends for Artist Quarantine!

The 17-year-old Queens, New York native opened up about not being book smart in school. In order for him to focus only on his music, he had to put in extra work with his education with online classes in order to finish. 

Lil Tecca went on to discuss his journey since his breakout hit “Ransom,” which dropped when he was 16. It climbed to No. 4 on the Hot 100 Billboard Chart. During the conversation, Lil Tecca, who proves to be well beyond his years, drops gems on how to make it in the industry, making hit records, pressure, not spending his money on chains, how to think outside the box and more! 

Lil Tecca also explains the meaning behind his upcoming album Do They Really Love You, dropping sometime in May.

Take a look: