Bryson Tiller Releases New ‘Anniversary’ Album

(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Bryson Tiller has released his third studio album, Anniversary.

During a recent interview, Bryson opened up about his previous album Trapsoul which received mixed reviews. “It was two years after Trapsoul came out and I was going through a lot of s–t — like, legal stuff and personal stuff. I didn’t really want to create an album at that time,” he told Billboard.

The singer added, “I wasn’t really trying to put energy or time into it. I wasn’t really trying. It was just me being lazy. It was my C-game. I can’t afford to bring my C-game now — not for my two daughters. It’s just my A-game here on out.”

He’s dedicating his new album to his late grandmother.

Take a listen to the project below.