Chloe Bailey Drops Exclusive Music With Spotify Singles

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Chloe Bailey has “surprised” fans with her new singles.

In collaboration with Spotify Singles, Chlöe exclusively released “Surprise – Unplugged Remix” and “Freak Like Me”. The Spotify Singles program “was created to provide artists with the opportunity to re-record one of their existing songs in a fresh new way, as well as cover a song of their choice by one of their own musical heroes.”

On August 30th, the 24 year old singer dropped an announcement post on Instagram of the new music. “I love “Surprised” Unplugged because you get to hear the vulnerability in the lyrics. All it is is a keyboard and my vocals. It is so simple but it makes the lyrics that much more sexy.”

The steamy single “Surprise”, produced by Scott Storch, peaked at # 20 on the Hot R&B Songs for Billboard. Despite Chloe’s sexy, powerful catalog, she revealed that she doesn’t feel confident 80% of the time. However, when she is on stage, that is when she can be her true self.