Coi Leray Releases “Megan Knees Challenge” Song After TikTok Success

Coi Leray at Made In America 2021

TikTok loved TWINNEM, the full song is here.

Over the past week a snippet of an unreleased Coi Leray song has been taking over TikTok via the “Megan Knees” challenge. Yesterday the full track titled “TWINNEM” was released on streaming services along with a music video! Between Leray’s lyrics on TWINNEM, TikTok users have been bending at the knee to twerk like Megan Thee Stallion – hence the name “Megan Knees Challenge.” TWINNEM has been used as a sound on TikTok more than 340,000 times since the catchy snippet was released. 

Coi Leray has certainly mastered the art of creating TikTok snippets, whether it be her verse on DDG & OG Parker’s Impatient or her verse on BIG PURR with Pooh Shiesty – you can’t scroll through IG Reels or TikTok for too long without hearing Coi Leray. The internet may not always be kind to Leray, but people are definitely tuned in to what the young artist is doing.