Drewski, Dream Doll, Molly Brazy + Rubi Rose Drippin’ Like ‘Water’ In New Summer Banger! 

Song cover art
Song cover art

As the weather is getting hotter, this record came just in time.

Our very own DJ Drewski dropped a new single! He teamed up with Dream Doll, Molly Brazy, and Rubi Rose for a banger for the summer, “Water.” The song is fun and catchy. The three women take full control of the track, let it be known that they’re the bosses, and show off their lyricism. 

In the visual, Drewski is sitting poolside and dozes off. When he wakes up, he’s in the middle of a LIT party! 

The video makes you feel like you’re at a good ole summertime back yard pool party with your friends…B.C..before COVID-19.

Take a look: