EXCLUSIVE: Brandy Goes Back At Jack Harlow In ‘First Class’ Freestyle

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We have a battle folks!

Of course we’re joking, but Jack Harlow’s appearance on the “White Ish Wednesday” segment on Ebro in the Morning continues to bring headlines, and some conversation in the hip hop community.

One week after responding to the 23-year-old rapper not knowing Brandy and Ray J were siblings in a tweet, the singer decided to take it one step further by releasing a freestyle responding to Harlow over his own single “First Class.”

At that time on May 17, she said “I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing [his] a** to sleep.

She later told fans she was kidding. “I know I’m mad late,” she wrote. “I didn’t know he rapped so I was just poking, but I see now this was a big thing a few days ago.”

Ebro got hands of the freestyle FIRST on Ebro in the Morning as it debuted this morning, and shared their live reactions.

How do you feel about the track?

Listen below: