Just In Time: Tory Lanez Drops ‘Free 21 Savage’ Freestyle [AUDIO]

Tory Lanez on stage

Photo credit: Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

Maybe Tory Lanez had the inside scoop on the status of 21 Savage. Lanez dropped a freestyle over Savage’s and J. Cole’s “A lot” beat.  The freestyle is entitled “Free 21 Savage,” and was released right before Savage was freed.  

This could be just a coincidence.  Either way, the freestyle was in support of 21 Savage’s situation. Although Lanez has previously defended Demi Lovato after she received tons of backlash for seemingly making light of 21’s situation, and posting funny memes.  Lanez must have a different view on things, as he states “then I realize that sh*t is mean, you can’t be jokin’ about somebody’s else freedom.”

The 4-minute freestyle addresses a few different topics, including the Government.  He starts off with “this is some sh*t to vent to.” As the freestyle flows, Lanez gets a lot off his chest, he also raps “I’m on a mission to find some clarity.” 

Hear the freestyle below.