Lupe Fiasco Takes On ‘Silhouette Challenge’ & Delivers A Dope Freestyle Over Doja Cat’s ‘Streets’

Lupe Fiasco performs on stage at Concord Music Hall on November 25
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Redferns/GettyImages)

Doja Cat’s song “Streets” is taking over Tik Tik and social media with the #SilhouetteChallenge.

If you haven’t seen it, this challenge allows people to tap into their sexy side, typically women but challenges have no “rules.” A few celebrities have participated in the challenge like Keke Palmer, Lala, and more. 

Lupe Fiasco wants in on the song and dropped a freestyle over the beat. A fan tweeted that they could hear the rapper dropping bars over the beat, a few hours later, he returned with his freestyle. Lupe titled it “Kara Walker” after the silhouettist, Hip Hop N More reports. Take a listen and let us know your favorite bar!


The challenge is from Doja Cat’s 2019 song “Streets” off her 2019 Hot Pink album. Complex reports “Streets” streams are rising due to the challenge. It landed on the Hot 100 chart earlier this month and now it’s No. 25. Maybe we’ll get to see Doja Cat dive into the challenge!