Swizz Beatz Drops ‘Been To War’ Ft. DMX & French Montana 

cover art
Cover art

DMX’s first posthumous song arrived one week after his death. 

The collaboration is on Swizz Beatz’s “Been To War” ft. French Montana and X. The single appears in season two of Godfather of Harlem. 

Notable lyrics include DMX rapping, 

“I’ma march to the beat, got my own drummers. Let’s get it on baby; we can go to war all summer/I done been to jail, I done did numbers/I donе been to Hell, I done been under/Diffеrence between a boss and a runner/Whatever you thinkin’, no way, uh-huh, I’m doin’ what you gonna.”

Take a listen:

Earlier in April, DMX was rushed to the hospital due to an apparent overdose and heart attack. The 50-year-old rapper was in critical condition for a week, in a “vegetative state.” He went 30 minutes without oxygen and had to be revived three times. On April 9, he passed away