YelloPain + Sevyn Release Powerful ‘My Vote Will Count’ Track

Singer Sevyn Streeter performs onstage during 2018 V-103 Winterfest at State Farm Arena on December 15
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)|Photo credit – Screenshot of music art for “My Vote Will Count”

This year has been a nonstop roller coaster ride, and more than ever, it’s important we let our voices be heard at the polls. 

More celebrities are speaking out to inspire people to vote, like how Beyonce recently did at the BET Awards. YelloPain and Sevyn are putting their influencing power in music and dropped a song called “My Vote Will Count.” 

Sevyn begins the track by encouraging people that we can win. Then she reminds people that our votes actually do count and to not listen to those who say it doesn’t. In the song, YelloPain gives a hip hop lesson on politics. His overall message breaks down the United Stated government, and what we can do to activate change. 

Take a listen:

In an Instagram post, Sevyn also reminded people that even though 2020 has been a “challenging” year, years ago, black people had NO rights, so although the times have changed, there’s still work to be done. She called this features one of her most important songs ever.

YelloPain released a different version of the song earlier in the year, called “My Vote Don’t Count.” Hence the title, the song is ultimately used as a tool to educate those about the system and to encourage people to vote. 

Notable lyrics:

See, they don’t wanna see us vote

And we never do so we see the same thing

But all our votes really do count

And they never really let it show

Hot 97 launched #EarnMyVote to link you to information on registration, voting, and census deadlines, where to ask questions, and more.

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