10 Things We Learned From Cardi B On Ebro in the Morning! [VIDEO]

Hot 97 Ebro in the Morning Laura Stylez and Ebro with Cardi B
(Photo Credit: Karl Ferguson JR.)

Cardi B was a guest on Ebro in the Morning earlier today (Apr. 9)!

Two days after making her grand reveal that she was carrying Offset’s baby she passed through Hot 97 to discuss her pregnancy for the first time, her Saturday Night Live performance, her brand new album Invasion of Privacy, and much more!

Here are 10 things WE learned from the interview with Ebro in the Morning.

  1. She WILL be performing at Coachella! She has to invest $300,000 to make it happen since she signed before her album dropped.
  2.  A determined and focused as she is, she will be taking time off after she gives birth.
  3.  There is no shame in shouting out Pardison Fontaine as a writer. She uses writers to help articulate her sensitive side.
  4.  Cardi B will never regret stripping. Before choosing that profession she used to work at Borough of Manhattan Community College. She was also a cashier at the Amish Market. It just did not pay enough to cover the bills.
  5. Cardi B actually went to school for music!
  6. Cardi B’s first date with Offset was at the Super Bowl in Houston.
  7. Both Cardi & Offset have a name picked out + know the sex of the baby!
  8. Cardi wants to go to other countries to read to the kids.
  9. After the baby she will hit up Chissy Tiegen and Rihanna to check in on that 3-some!
  10. Those bodyguards at her album release was for her not to protect her unborn baby!

Bonus: She is looking a film roles, but has not officially signed up for a role yet!

Watch the full interview below.