13 Y.O Double Homicide Suspect Who Escaped Police Custody Turned In By Mom

Police caution tape

Photo credit – Shutterstock

This is a case of a youth who is going down the wrong path. 

According to reports, 13-year-old Jericho W., is accused of killing two brothers and escaped court Tuesday (Nov. 6th).

It’s unclear how Jericho was able to leave. He reportedly left wearing a white T-shirt, beige pants,he was shoeless and wearing leg restraints.

Jericho found shelter in his grandmother’s abandoned home, then went to his Uncle’s house. The Uncle, who is a father-figure, fed him, cleaned him up, and told him that he has to turn himself in. The mother arrived soon after and turned Jericho in to U.S Marshals in Lumberton, North Carolina. 

The Uncle said that Jericho isn’t a “very bad kid.”

Hopefully, Jericho can change his life around!