2 X: Casanova Writes Two Loving Mother’s Day Messages + See Him Perform At Summer Jam!

Rapper Casanova attends the Roc Nation pre-GRAMMY Brunch on February 11

Photo credit – Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/GettyImages

It’s not often we see this side of Casanova!

The Brooklyn rapper wanted to let the Queens in his life know how he feels about them.

Casanova wrote a heartwarming letter to his mom for Mother’s Day. He opened up about how she was always there for him, even when he was locked up.

Before becoming a successful artist, he was in and out of jail a lot and eventually, his mother got tired of it. She reached her breaking point and stopped visiting him the last time he got locked up.

Although that was hard for him, it made him stronger as a man. He thanked her for doing that.

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On Mother’s Day 2003 you came to see me at green correctional facility I told you not to come but you said you had to make sure I aint drop the soap lol.You always had jokes always bailed me out on every case no matter the amount.I gave you hell and I still remember when you said Cas I can’t do it no more.If you go to jail again I’m done,I went to jail like 3 more times and you still stayed.But the last time you said Cas for real I’m done this time.Your a man now you know right from wrong we said our good bye’s and I didn’t see you until I was 27.I felt so betrayed cause I felt like you left me for dead just like everybody else I loved.I was soooo mad at you I didn’t parole to your house and my parole officer said I had to go to a Shelter.But I say that to say this thank you Panamanian Queen for showing me tough love cause I learnt a valuable lesson. It’s better to be respected then Accepted …Happy Mother’s Day Ma see you later sincerely your son