21 Savage Reveals He’s ‘Happily In Love’ + Doesn’t Miss Amber Rose

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

21 Savage is over his 2018 relationship with Amber Rose.

While on a promo run for his new project, Savage Mode 2, Savage sat down for an interview and revealed he is happily in love!

When asked if he had any tracks about Rose on the album he says, “Do I miss her? Ah, hell nah.” He continued, “I ain’t made any songs about her. She in a relationship!” He says he’s happy where he’s at. “I’m happily in love. I got a family. I’m good.”

One thing about Savage, he doesn’t share too much of his personal life with the public and this is no different. “I can’t really tell you all that,” he said. “You can’t let ’em know everything!… I’m happily in love. I’m married. I’m happy.”

Congratulations are in order! Check out the interview in below.