4-Year-Old Austin Perine Dresses As Superhero to Feed Homeless

Austin Perine
Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Austin Perine’s story will tug at your heart and bring you joy.

This four-year old is the latest superhero to make a difference. He is the only superhero that is using his powers to feed the homeless. Austin lives in Montgomery, Alabama and he uses his free time and allowance money to feed the homeless people in his community wearing a superhero cape.

He goes by the name “President Austin.”

Austin’s father, TJ Perine tells CBS News that his son was inspired after watching a documentary on pandas.  CBS reports:

“TJ says this all began when they were watching s TV show about pandas. It showed a mama panda abandoning a baby, and TJ told his son the cub was now homeless.

“He says, ‘What’s homeless?’ I said, ‘It’s when you don’t have a home and sometimes you don’t have mom or dad around,” said TJ.

That’s when Austin asked: are people homeless?

Once Austin learned some people are homeless — and some are hungry– he launched this caped crusade. Told his mom and dad that he wanted all his allowance and money they would spend on toys to go toward chicken sandwiches instead.”

Austin passes out chicken sandwiches to each person and tells them,m “Don’t forget to show love.”