4Batz Talks ‘AI Industry Plant’ Allegations


4Batz has shared insights into his rapid ascent to fame, shedding light on industry speculation and his journey to success. In a recent feature with GQ, published on April 29th, the OVO affiliate directly addressed rumors labeling him as an “AI industry plant.” These allegations, initially stirred by Joe Budden, suggested that 4Batz was merely a product of artificial intelligence experimentation.

Responding to these claims, 4Batz expressed a rather nonchalant attitude, remarking, “I think it’s kind of cool,” and likening himself to a mythical figure. He mused, “It’s like I’m the boogeyman. [Then] people are going to meet me and be like, Oh, this is a regular hood n-gga.”

Delving deeper into his personal journey, 4Batz opened up about his past struggles with homelessness and mental health challenges. Recounting his difficult experiences, he revealed, “My whole life, I’ve been feeling like I was cursed…I don’t know what it’s like to have a house…” He recounted periods of living with relatives and enduring destitution, even spending four years sleeping in a church. Despite battling depression and contemplating suicide, 4Batz found resilience within himself, vowing to push harder than ever before.

In addition to confronting rumors and sharing his personal story, 4Batz’s recent endeavors include collaborations with renowned artists like Kanye West and Chris Brown. A recent Instagram Story captured Kanye nodding along to one of 4Batz’s tracks, hinting at his endorsement.

Meanwhile, a studio session with Chris Brown teased a forthcoming collaboration on 4Batz’s debut project under Drake’s OVO Sound label. This debut project, initially slated for April 5th, is now set to release on May 3rd, promising to showcase 4Batz’s rising talent and diverse musical collaborations.