50 Cent Addresses Diddy Hanging Out w/ Ex Daphne Joy

50 Cent Reacts To Diddy Seeing Ex
(Photo Credit: Nicky Nelson/WENN.com)

50 Cent is known to share his opinion on social media quite often, especially when it comes to other people and some of their issues.

Images surfaced online of Diddy hanging out with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child Daphne Joy recently, and the internet wondered how the mogul would react to one of his peers, and someone he once had a connection with.

The Queens native went on Instagram to addresses the pictures, but instead of trolling, he seemed to show no emotion to the photo.

“Nah me and Puff fight over business s***,” he wrote. “If he like the girl, he like the girl …I don’t give a f*** !”


Joy is the mother of his 8-year-old son Sire. The couple had broke up in 2012.