50 Cent Admits To Lying In His Songs After Taking Lie Detector Test

50 Cent attends the premiere of Crackle's 'The Oath' at Sony Pictures Studios on March 7
(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

50 Cent is spilling all the tea.

As we know, 50 Cent does not shy away from telling it like it is. The music mogul underwent a 9-min lie detector test with Vanity Fair, and kept it straight real.

The Vanity Fair interviewer  asks 50 about his new life in Texas, his music, Kanye West and more.

The interviewer questions the validity of  50’s song “High All The Time.” 50 Cent says that he doesn’t smoke, but while explaining the song, he says, “Well, I was high all the time, but everybody else was smoking around me.”

The interviewer also asks about his hit single “In Da Club.” After reciting the opening line from the song’s hook, she asks him, “Is the bottle full of bub?” Smiling, 50 Cent replies, “When it first opens, yeah.” At this point the interviewer has called 50 out for lying on two of his tracks. She continues, “Are there any other tracks you lied in?” 50 Cent then laughs while confirming that his lyrics aren’t always true. “Yeah, it’s points that you say things, be creative, and create.”

Watch the full interview below.