50 Cent Confirms Feature On Nas ‘Magic 2’ Project

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50 Cent has built up an abundance of eagerness for his collab song on Nas’ upcoming
project Magic 2, which is scheduled to release this Friday, July 20. According to reports, 50 announced on Instagram this Tuesday (7/18) assuring that he and the notorious Queens artist will be collaborating on the new album, which is releasing on Friday (July 21). “Yal ain’t herd me in minute, @nas felt like it was time so it’s done. Check us out Friday 7.21 MAGIC 2 (Office Hours) QGTM Boom,” he stated in his post promoting the Magic 2 artwork, displaying a younger Nas transforming into his modern day self. Additionally, Nas revealed it on Instagram, as did Hit-Boy, who’s seemingly producing the new project.

Nonetheless, press on 50 Cent and Nas’ reconciliation was announced firsthand with Billboard back in February, reporting that the “Many Men (Wish Death)” rapper was getting ready to appear on what was planned to be Nas’ King’s Disease 4. The Queens natives haven’t collaborated since 2002’s “Too Hot” and “Who U Rep With” from 50’s Guess Who’s Back? mixtape. The two were even disputing at some point back in 2005, when 50 called out Nas regarding relations with his ex-wife, Kelis, rapping, “Kelis said her milkshake bring all the boys to the yard/ Then Nas went and tattooed the bitch on his arm.” However, any tension between them was settled back in 2014, when they both performed during the same set at Summer Jam. Eventually, 50 ended up praising Nas in a Hot 97 interview, quoting: “I love Nas. He’s really the one. He is the guy, the lyrical — we was figuring out how to do it.”

Are you excited for this collab?