50 Cent Jokingly Confronts Tony Yayo For Wearing His Clothes

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50 Cent jokingly confronted Tony Yayo for wearing his clothes.

On Wednesday (Feb. 28), the “Power” producer posted a video on Instagram of Yayo, who was wearing a blue jacket, jeans and a bucket hat. “N**ga got my jacket on!” 50 said in the video.

Yayo replied, “This my hat, though.” 50 added, “You ain’t gonna take my s**t. I knew something wasn’t right! You n**gas is crazy, yo.” 50 continued, “So let me ask you a question… When you found this jacket you know you didn’t pick out, you know you didn’t buy, that nobody brought you, saying it was yours, did you identify that you was taking my jacket?” Yayo then answered with, “I did identify.”

Check out the clip below.