50 Cent Not Open To Doing A G Unit Documentary & Says He Wants To ‘Forget’ The Group!

50 Cent
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/GettyImages

50 Cent has a lot of film projects in store for us, but a documentary about his group G Unit isn’t one of them.

During an interview, Fif shut down the idea of doing any type of film or TV series on the group he started back in 1998. When asked about it, 50 said he doesn’t “care” to do it. He went on to say, “I’d like to forget the G-Unit.” Fif continued,

“Kendrick [Lamar] doesn’t even let those boys come on stage with him (Complex reports 50 was possibly referring to either [too] Black Hippy or TDE), I could have did that! What the f*ck I’m bringing 30 n***as onstage for? I could have did it like Kendrick.”

Take a look around the 26:40 mark:

It’s no secret that 50 had beef with almost all of the group members, minus Tony Yayo. In 2005, 50 kicked west coast rapper The Game out of the group in a public feud that was aired out on our station. Fif pulled up to Hot 97 with Tony Yayo, Olivia, and Lloyd Banks, and Fif told Flex while he was on air that he felt The Game was disloyal. So then The Game pulled up with his crew, and tried to get into the station but wasn’t allowed. One of Game’s associates got into a shootout outside of the station, which left one man, Kevin Reed from Compton, CA injured and Flex’s interview with Fif was cut short. 

In 2008, 50 returned back to Hot 97 to announce he’s dropping another G Unit soldier off the team. Fif went on the morning show to make an “official notice” that Young Buck was no longer G Unit. In 2010, Fif and Lloyd Banks bumped heads and 50 got Eminem to appear on Lloyd Bank’s album but Lloyd declined to have Em on. 




In 2014, 50 reunited some of the G Unit crew at Summer Jam with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. It was the first time they performed together since 2008. But then in 2016, 50 called Lloyd Banks out for snapping a picture with The Game, but later that year Fif snd Lloyd seemingly squashed the beef. However, in 2018, Fif announced that Lloyd was no longer G Unit. 50 still showed Lloyd Banks love, promoting his mixtape at the time. 


Last year, the beef with Young Buck and 50 was reignited after Young Buck called 50 out after Young Buck’s music was removed from streaming services. 50 responded by posting an alleged conversation Buck had with a transgender. Buck responded by challenging Fif to a rap battle but 50 would continue to respond with transgender jokes.

So yeah…50 just doesn’t want to do a documentary on G-Unit.