50 Cent Partnered With Houston’s Mayor To Give Out $300K In Scholarships To High School Students

50 Cent wearing a red turtle neck and blazer
(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

50 Cent is giving back in a MAJOR way!

As reported on news sources, 50 joined forces with Houston, Texas Mayor Sylvester Turner to offer scholarships for high school students.

Fif announced the news earlier this week. He seems excited to be making a difference in the lives of the youth. On Instagram, 50 said,

“The kids that won’t listen to nobody will listen to me. We come out of the same [kind of] confusion. This program is just [going to] show them how to win.” Take a look:


ABC reports 50 Cent, plus his G-Unity Foundation, partnered with Houston Independent School District and Horizon United to create the “G-Star” program. 50 Cent donated $300,000 to the new initiative through his foundation. The goal is to help students from three different high schools in the Houston area who struggle academically.

The article also points out, students in the program also gain exclusive access to the G-Unity Business Lab. 50 Cent will mentor students about entrepreneurship. 50 said,

“These programs will really help and really get people excited to get back involved and learn again after everything that’s been going on,” the mogul said during a press conference. “It’s three schools now, but it’s going to be a lot more. Just watch me.”

Earlier this month, 50 announced he’s moving to Texas. He didn’t specify why, but clearly, he’s making big boss moves.