50 Cent Reacts To The Lawyer ‘For Life’ Is Based On Running For NY Mayor 

FOR LIFE - "Buried" - Aaron pushes to represent longtime inmate Easley Barton
(Giovanni Rufino via Getty Images)

The lawyer For Life is based on shared exciting news! 

Isaac Wright Jr announced he’s running for the mayor of New York. People reports, he promised to “address the racial, economic, environmental, and educational injustices that plague our city’s institutions.” Wright Jr. explained to the publication that he was inspired to dive into politics because he’s conceded with the future of NY with the current political and social climate. 

Wright Jr. will run as a Democrat with a focus on criminal justice reform, housing, infrastructure, and the economy. He said his candidacy provides “an understanding of where the root of change occurs.”

50 Cent took to Instagram to share the news. In the caption he said, 

“This is our guy, soon to be the mayor of New York Isaac Wright jr. He is the real deal we need people like him. #abcforlife.”


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