50 Cent Responds To Meek Mill; Says He’ Still ‘Chasing The Dream’

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Meek Mill and 50 Cent continue to go back and forth online.

We previously reported that Meek Mill had some words for 50 Cent after he called out Diddy’s son, King Combs.

50 Cent questioned Combs decision to put out certain lyrics. “Now why would you say some shit like this when you know the FEDS are investigating. IS YOU STUPID OR IS YOU DUMB? LOL.”

50’s question was in reference to Combs rapping, “police raid the crib like they think we selling crack, but we out here selling tracks / multimillion dollar plaques … Too bad they ain’t no we brought the one next door because that’s the one they missed.”

Combs has yet to respond to 50’s question– however- Meek Mill held no punches. “because your federal the street niggas in queens know that why you tryna pick on a lil boy … your own son hate your guts lol I’m so grateful to be on a island with my son and his friends on his bday .. don’t follow these guys they miserable lives be terrible…”

In another tweet Meek says, “Yall niggas 50 online beefing with kids … of course yall niggas left all yall friends and family behind! Yall holding the culture back fr old hating manipulation niggas lol..”


In response 50 comes for Meek’s album sells. “You sold 6k copies your last project, you should not be on Vacation. Still chasing the dream or embracing the nightmare. Standing by your man, that I respect!”